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Once again moving down a dark tunnel, Nara says, "This place gives me the creeps; I've got a bad feeling. Nara says, "Let's try some psychological warfare. Nara replies, "Why fight if we don't have to?

UFC 232 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins: Cris Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes

We've got you surrounded. But the Neo frame manages to approach and open fire, disconcerting Noretti so she shouts, "Look out! Marsh informs Winfield, "There still may be some Neos hiding in the deep caverns. We'll start flushin' 'em out as soon as we rearm.

David N Brown

That's something we all need to remember. I'll fly down within the hour, Winfield out. Marsala and Noretti are near Marsh's e-frame, so he tells them, "Admiral Winfield is on his way. Marsala inquires, "Is that important? Marsala, round up the rest of the squad. Neos are just people who look different. He is then invited to join the super heroes.

Gonzlez, Jorge et al. This is an updated version of the original story line from earlier comics in which the X-Men travel to Antarctica to investigate the TV broadcast sighting of a jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger, who rescue an Antarctic expeditioner. See also Lee, Stan et al. Lee, Stan et al. This is a facsimile of the Canam Publishers Sales Corp.

By David N. Brown - David N. Brown

The super-powered X-Men are sent to Antarctica after they view a TV broadcast from Antarctica of an unknown loin-cloth clad figure and a saber-tooth tiger returning to a base camp with a missing expedition member. The X-Men locate a crevasse that leads to an undiscovered jungle, populated by prehistoric creatures and tribesmen. They run into trouble themselves, are rescued by the jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger and are finally sent back to the Antarctic surface to return home.

Wayne, Matt et al. Shadow Cabinet: A Contract with Dog. Shadow Cabinet: Final Cut. Led by the all-knowing Dharma, the Shadow Cabinet is a group of characters with various super powers, sworn to protect humanity from itself. In a 5-issue series, it is sent to Antarctica to stop a gang of renegade scientists who want to collect solar energy and beam it to Antarctica to provide the earth with endless energy, but that would slowly melt the polar ice caps. They must be stopped, but the shadow Cabinet finds it has its own internal issues.

Bainbridge, Beryl. The Birthday Boys. Burns, Michael.

Hot Planet. Tubac U. In , as global warming causes the rapid melting of icecaps in Antarctica and worldwide flooding, the Defenders of the Planet, an environmental group, wage war with the energy establishment. Clark, Kathy. Groom Unknown. Two young scientists carry on a flirty romance through a computer interaction service and agree to marry in Antarctica, sight unseen, when one of them is assigned to McMurdo Station as a naval captain. As fate would have it, they had previously been unfriendly co-workers in Colorado. Dislike turns to like as they get to know their real selves.

Gerrard, Kitt.

Interservice Rivalry

Midnight Tales of Torment. A female American secret agent is called on a special mission to winter over at a base on the Antarctic Peninsula with just one scientist, a male. To maintain their professional relationship, they tell each other lurid, erotic stories. Events are not at all what they seem, in this campy tale of outright porn. Superman in Action Comics: Secret Weapon. In his Antarctic Fortress of Solitude, Superman is regenerating his powers through the Eradicator and overloads its circuits to get more energy.

He finally breaks to the surface in his quest to defeat the evil Cyborg who is destroying earth. Superboy is held captive by Cyborg Superman, who deceives the Justice League into searching for them on an asteroid belt. In the meantime, the real Superman is being regenerated under the ice of Antarctica. The Adventures of Superman: Line of Fire.

The evil Cyborg Superman has convinced the authorities that a rogue Superman has destroyed Ocean City.


Super Boy is called in to help and is attacked by the Cyborg. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, something is lurking and dives to the bottom of the polar sea.

Superman in Action Comics: Born Again. Beneath the ice of Antarctica, the deceased Superman is regenerated from electrical energy and returns to Metropolis to fight crime as a changed Superhero. Nicieza, Fabien et al. A new series with a cast of mutant superpowered heroes has them flying in to Antarctica to attack the base of another group of mutants who are terrorists.

The Adventures of Superman: Home. While battling a tidal wave in Metropolis, Superman returns to Antarctica, where the Eradicator has been melting the ice and trying to destroy Earth. He travels through a time portal to meet his natural parents on Krypton, undergoes his Kryptonian rite of passage and returns to Earth and wills the Eradicator to stop its destruction. The Adventures of Superman: Eradication. The continuation of previous issue , in which Superman buried a Kryptonian relic, the Eradicator, in Antarctica.

The Adventures of Superman: Antarctic Solitude. Superman returns to Antarctica to ensure that the relic from Krypton, the Eradicator, which he buried in Antarctica, is still there. At the same time, he encounters a giant underground alien creature that has destroyed an unmanned research station. Claremont, Chris et al. The Vostok 3 Russian research station in Antarctica is obliterated by a tower emerging from below the ice. Night of the Yahoo by David N. In the Earth's oldest rock formations, in Australia's most inhospitable desert, a race of legendary monsters has awoken from eons of sleep.

As they feed, they take new shapes, and multiply Cyborg Vs. Published: September 20, The ultimate warriors face an invincible foe from an unknown future. Can they prevail- and at what price? Zombies Vs. Words: 9, Published: September 18, The fin backs are back for more, and this time, time and fate are against them! When an out-of-control time machine drops Zaratustra and his exotroopers in the path of an alternate Earth's zombie apocalypse, a trio of survivors may be their only way home. But can an evil scientist's plans include a happy ending?

Words: 43, Published: September 1, At the frontier of post-apocalyptic Vegas, secret research may cure the plague that has brought civilization to its knees. But the price is the freedom of the most beleaguered of the survivors. Austin leads a band of the detested lepers to rescue their comrades. But success may mean doom for the city! Words: 78, Published: August 21, Words: 24, Published: August 9, Post-apocalyptic Vegas's champion zombie killer has left the city, with an adoring girl as unwanted company.

His adventure takes him to a warlord's besieged base, and then to the heart of Death Valley, as he learns the secrets that will save or destroy the remnants of civilization. But the deadliest trial of all will be getting back home!