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King Kong 2005 - The Beautiful Gril Vs KingKong Don't Cry When you see

For Rudy Rucker, life is the grandest mystical hack. This uncommonly sane and healthy and humorous attitude is instantly apprehendable across the whole range of his writing, implicit from his very first book to his latest. Okay, maybe the entire combined catalog of Robert Sheckley and William Tenn comes close.

As a longtime afficionado and emulator of the Beats, Rudy knows deeply the bittersweet Kerouackian angst that accompanies even our highest successes. After all, this is the man who once said that if he possessed a time machine, his first action would not be to go back to the past and kill some famous inhuman monster of history, but rather go back into the past and kill himself! Trusting the Rude Boy stood me in good stead recently, as I wrote my own novel, Fuzzy Dice, something of a Rucker homage. Directing everyone to sample various dishes, he was like some Buddha maestro of Iberian good times.

After we were all sated with grease-smeared faces, we paid the bill and exited out onto the darkened SF, CA, street. Rudy turned to me. Right in front of this restaurant, a pterodactyl swoops down and snatches up one of my characters.

He sees pterodactyls in urban landscapes where others see only rats or panhandlers but he sees the rats and panhandlers too, and deems them equally vital. Di Filippo is the kind of guy other writers love to hate: as if his prodigious output were not enough, it is said that he managed to write five of his novels and many of his short stories on a Commodore computer.

He coined the word ribofunk to describe the sub-genre of science fiction in which he specialises, and which uses elements of the hard-boiled detective novel, film noir and post-modernist prose. His manifesto defines the sub-genre thus:. Merely simulators and modellers for life. The cell is King!


I currently use it to hold sticks of incense. All of which is not to negate my gratitude to BSFA. But RI remains more liberal than the average. The citizenry seems more hopeful than fearful, although we do live continuously under the dire threat of colonisation by rich Bostonians to our north. Has Wired bought any more work from you since you wrote this article? And although I have not placed any long pieces with the magazine since that first ill-fated one, I did recently secure an entire page! I think this one of the best covers ever done for one of my books.

I hope you agree. For more than twenty years, the famed Otto Penzler -- editor, essayist, raconteur, owner of The Mysterious Bookshop in NYC has commissioned a special Christmas short story to give out as thanks to his customers. This year After the my wife applied smelling salts and I got off the floor of the office, I immediately said yes, and wrote a story called "The Gift of King Herod" which is now being distributed from Otto's famous store. Again, thanks to Otto for this incredible offer, and yes, I do believe in Christmas miracles!

And to all my friends out there, to quote Tiny Tim, "God bless us, every one! Last month spent a spectacular four days in Albany, N. Y, site this year of the annual world mystery convention, called Bouchercon. In addition to having lunch with my lovely niece Julia, I also got to meet old friends and make new ones. And having this convention within driving distance was also an extra bonus. Now it's the night before Halloween my favorite holiday and Game Six of the World Series is set to begin.

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Thanks once again for keeping track of my odd but fun career. September 1, - End of August, start of September One of the joys of writing at least for me is having fun with short fiction. You see, in novels, you have to write , , or pages to explore themes, characters, plotting and setting over a several month period. But short stories, the fun is that they only take a week or so, and you can explore lots of different styles and treatments. You can write first person, second person, or third person.

Your main character can be male, or female. The story can be mystery, a puzzler, a noir, science fiction, fantasy, or in one memorable case in my career, a Western. Otto Penzler is a famed editor, anthologist and key figure in the mystery community. On occasions, I've been fortunate to have him contact me to write an original story for an anthology, and when that happens, I drop everything to get to work. Recently, Otto asked me and 80! Considering some of my short stories can top out at 30 pages, that was quite the challenge. I came up with a fun story, but boy, it took some work to whittle it down to one thousand words.

You have to make sure each word counts, and in the end, not only was I satisfied with the story, I was also very satisfied with the lesson I learned, in making sure that each word for a story is carefully chosen. I hope you get a chance to check out this wonderful anthology edited by a most extraordinarily talented editor.

Check out "Kwik Krimes" by clicking here August 29, - Here's a quick update for August, to ensure that at least I'm getting the job done every month. Speaking of getting the job done, I'm exhausted and proud to report that I've finished the first draft of my new thriller. The idea for the book's been rattling around in the back of my mind for a couple of years, and this year, I decided it was time to write it.

It was a great run The writing kept on going on so well that I didn't stop until about 3 p. I was drained Next up, I plan to take a few days off and start re-writing and editing, and actually, I'm looking forward to it I really, really love this new book. Check him out by clicking here This has been an exceptionally productive summer, and I hope I can keep up the pace.

I'm closing in on pages of my new work in progress, a thriller that I think is the best thing I've done in a long, long time. And once this work is done, it will be time to think about the ninth! Lewis Cole novel. My addiction to short stories continue, and I have about six or seven short stories out making the proverbial rounds.

I'm also active on Facebook perhaps too active! I'm also becoming more active on Goodreads. I hope your summer is going well, and if you're one of my readers in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope your winter is going fine, too! July 2, - Well, this is an improvement I just made this update to my website and it's been less than a month. Perhaps things are looking up! For a number of months it looked iffy for my pal Lewis Cole, and I'm so happy that he has a great new home to reside in!

Once I get more news about the cover and more firm publishing dates, I'll post it here and on my Facebook page. A while ago Andrew Gulli, the editor of The Strand mystery magazine, asked me to write a piece of their on-line blog. I decided to write about my love for short stories, and that blog piece is available by clicking here In other news, I've got about a half-dozen or so short stories out and about in the pipeline, all of them looking for good homes. I'm also making spectacular progress on my new thriller.

I don't want to say much for fear of jinxing it, but I hope the rest of the writing goes as well as the first chunks.

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As always, thanks for stopping by, and a belated Happy Canada Day for my Canadian friends and readers! June 7, - Looks like I'm sliding into a bi-monthly update, which is better than nothing, thought not by much, I know. And I do encourage anyone who stops by my Website to look me up on Facebook and friend me there.


I often snap out quick updates to Facebook and following me there will keep you more abreast of what I'm up to. It was delightful to meet old friends, make new friends, and get that creative "jolt" of spending time with editors, agents and fellow authors. Quite an accomplishment, quite a hatcheck! Speaking of short stories, the very first short stories I wrote were science fiction and fantasy, which were my first love. My word, the amount of science fiction and fantasy I read, and for a couple of years, I was very active in science fiction fandom, until real life and college came a knocking Yet I've never lost my love for science fiction, and I've just published via e-book formats a collection of eleven science fiction stories.

On another front, I've started a suspense-thriller that I'm very excited about.. April 20, - Well, where has the time come? Jeez Louise, my apologies for not updating this site more regularly. I guess you can pick any excuse you want Anyway, glad to report progress on a number of fronts.

Brendan DuBois - Content frame

My latest Lewis Cole novel, "Broken Harbor," has been submitted to my editor, and I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that all will work out. I've also sold a number of short stories, and am up to the sold mark. Hard to believe, eh? It sounds like a tremendous number but I think of other mystery authors who have matched or exceeded me John Lutz, Ed Hoch and Doug Allyn and I know there are plenty more stories to write.

Speaking of stories, I've finally finished my non-fiction book about my experience in "Jeopardy!