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  2. How to Access the Memories of Your Past Lives
  3. Doreen Virtue - Journey to Past Lives Meditation - full transcript | Podcast9
  4. Exploring Your Past Lives To Understand Today’s Soul Journey
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It is conceived as interfacing with its environment in three ways: i With the physical interface, the soul relates to things that present themselves to our physical senses from the external world. At the same time it makes the moral goodness in us come alive.

As the soul makes its continuing journey from one incarnation to another, it repeatedly passes through the three worlds of the physical, emotional and mental planes.

When the soul finishes its stay in the physical body in one life time, he leaves the body and begins his new life-period. During this time, the causal body sheds its astral and mental energies acquired from the life it has just lived.

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Next it becomes clothed with a new set of mental and astral vesture that expresses the faculties inherited from his previous lives. Then he selects a series of goals and life lesson for his next life on earth. This is in the form of a sacred contract that he makes with the Divine and determines what kind of a life he is going to live next. The soul creates his Life Plan prior to his next incarnation.

How to Access the Memories of Your Past Lives

This includes the life purpose that he will take. Although he chooses his experiences before coming to earth again, he does not plan his entire life. He will only devise the major intersections and overall themes that form his personal lessons. Finally he is drawn by forces to the womb that provides him with a suitable body for the next cycle of rebirth.

Doreen Virtue - Journey to Past Lives Meditation - full transcript | Podcast9

Hence the soul is on a never-ending journey of learning and evolution through the process of reincarnation. Sometimes an area may require more in depth work and may require a referral to an alternative Practitioner such as Past Life Regressionist Practitioner to look at your Past Life Situation more in depth and this is discussed with the client after the reading.

What to expect with a Soul Journey Reading Well there are two different types of Soul Journey Readings. This can be identified in this type of reading - This can give you better clarity of the situation and healing is facilitated.

Exploring Your Past Lives To Understand Today’s Soul Journey

These type of readings can also give you information about how different people in your life in this lifetime have been involved with you in past lifetimes which means you can understand why you feel and react the way you do with some people who are in your life. You can identify repeating patterns, blockages and behaviours around particular souls so you can move on in your life and theirs.

However if more in depth therapy is warranted - this can be discussed with you at the time of the reading. Looking for landmarks, I found the village cemetery surrounded by a high stone wall and locked gate.


Close by was a small park inviting me to sit on the warm tree-shaded ground. I immediately felt consumed by a bottomless well of agony and I began to weep for the pain of the little boy as he wailed at the sight of his dead parents and death and destruction everywhere. Sitting there, I felt consumed as though I, David, would never recover and the weight of the tragedy would overwhelm this lifetime and continue to haunt far into the future.

Regaining awareness, I reminded myself to breath into the feelings and to the awareness that this work, this empathic connection and acknowledgement, was the catharsis needed to initiate healing for the entities caught in the tragedy and for my lifetimes carrying the grief and sense of pending loss.

As quickly as the sadness and loss surfaced, it also ceased. The images and feelings were replaced with the presence of the moment.

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Giving thanks and appreciation to mother earth, and Great Spirit for this healing, I gathered myself up and explored some of the streets and buildings and shops. From the outside there were no remnants of this time in history.