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  1. The leadership-followership interaction in leading change
  2. A Level Playing Field
  3. What Every Leader Needs to Know About Followers

Indeed, they may be negative and undermine the group. In comparison, the exemplary follower will apply constructive critical thinking and interact with the group and the leader.

The leadership-followership interaction in leading change

Alternatively, if they disagree, they will challenge the leader, offering constructive alternatives in order to help the leader and organisation achieve their aims. Some people are pragmatists and move between the boxes in their followership style over the duration of the task. This is where the culture of the group lends itself to thinking about and analysing things in the same way. Similar views, and a desire for unanimity, lead the group to concur too easily and overlook potential problems and alternative ideas or options. Many modern businesses appoint one or two board members from successful organisations that have a completely different field of interest to prevent group think.

Many clinicians will have experienced group think in hospital practice. Followership styles can have an important part to play in the onset of group think within teams. Both these styles of followership predispose a group to group think. Alienated followers demonstrate critical thinking, crucial for the prevention of group think, but due to their lack of participation in the group they may not be listened to and this again can allow group think from the other members.

In contrast, an exemplary follower will question the status quo, and critically evaluate the facts and options before making a decision. Consequently, exemplary followers provide a level of independent thinking that is crucial to preventing group think, but they also bring a high level of energy to the group so are motivated to help see the best decision made and the best job done.

A Level Playing Field

Good followers must have the moral courage to express concerns. They should question why and understand the reason they do things. This can mean asking the leader to step away from the group to present your views to them on a one-to-one basis. Effective followers should be able to reflect, adapt and take responsibility for their own actions. Once the follower has understood a decision and had their questions answered satisfactorily, they should back the decision of the leader or group wholeheartedly. However, followership is not only about the individuals who follow within a team; it is about the relationship between these individuals and their leader.

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Followers

A good leader is responsible for creating an environment conducive to an exemplary followership style. In creating such an environment the leader should be prepared to:. Mutual respect between leader and follower is a key prerequisite to success. There are many opportunities in clinical practice for doctors to show good followership and good leadership. A junior doctor can tactfully question his seniors as to why a decision is taken, understand it and then convey this with a sense of purpose to the nursing staff.

Poor followers take negative attributes into their leadership styles.

Exemplary followers, when leaders, are more able to appreciate the concerns of their followers and to set the tone and vision that others will follow willingly. Throughout their careers doctors will be both leaders and followers. By understanding these roles they can better influence decisions and ultimately be more effective. This piece is based on an article first published in BMJ Careers.

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Learn More. Designed to foster the skills needed to lead a KIPP school, the Miles Family Fellowship supports the development of assistant principals that are next in line to lead a school. Miles Family Fellows receive formal training through weekend workshops and engage in rich cohort-based experiences that support their development during the programming year and beyond. Successor Prep helps rising KIPP school leaders manage leadership transition by training new leaders on how to manage change, plan for transition, develop a strategic plan, coach teachers, and manage staff performance.

With these essential skills, participants are prepared to assume leadership of an existing KIPP school.

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    This document explains four behaviors that are vital to increasing leader success and sustainability. This document describes the eight actions highly effective school leaders take, and outlines how we believe principals should be spending their time in order to better drive student outcomes. High-quality school and regional operations ensure that schools are safe and efficient, regions are financially healthy, and resources are readily available and aligned to educational priorities to enable the highest level of teaching and learning.

    This document outlines which aspects of a successful school we think are most important. View All Stories. I wanted to make sure black and brown children were able to have the opportunities any other child was afforded.

    That process -- of searching, of exploring, of finding the right educational fit -- left an impact that still affects me to this day. I learned how powerful really good parents were.